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Renewable Energy Credits

What is a Renewable Energy Credit?
A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is a credit or certificate that represents the environmental attributes of the power produced through a renewable energy project. The credits or certificates may be retained by the producer or purchaser of the energy or sold as a commodity separate from the electricity. Once a REC is sold the producer or purchaser of the energy has given up the right to claim the energy as renewable. The renewable attribute is sold and may be claimed only by the purchaser of the REC.

Does Heber Light & Power have Renewable Energy Resources?
Yes, HL&P does own and operate renewable hydro power plants, and also retains RECs from power purchased from renewable energy projects.

The Upper and Lower Snake Creek Hydropower Plants and the Lake Creek Hydropower Plant are all run of the river facilities producing up to 3750 kilowatts of energy each hour. There are no RECs produced or sold by these small hydroelectric plants, but they are considered to be renewable energy resources.

As of 2016, HL&P is retaining the RECs for the energy purchases from the Jordanelle Hydroelectric Power Plant. All RECs for Federal Hydro Power Purchases are retained by the Company. The RECs for power purchases from the Horse Butte Wind Project are retained by HL&P, and as of 2016 the RECs from the Pleasant Valley Wind Project are also being claimed by the Company.

Prior to 2016, RECs for the Jordanelle Hydropower Plant and the Pleasant Valley Wind Project were sold.

Pleasant Valley Wind Project

Colorado River Storage Project
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