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Carbon Based Resources and Other Energy Supplies

Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels are carbon based finite resources that will eventually be depleted. Environmental regulations, as well as renewable energy standards, continue to impact the kinds of energy resources that are available. As coal-fired resources are retired, HL&P faces the challenge of finding new sustainable and affordable energy resources.
Hunter Project
Hunter II, is part of the Hunter Station in Emery County, Utah. It is a coal-fired steam electric generating unit with a net capacity of 1320 megawatts. It is jointly owned by PacifiCorp, Deseret Generation & Transmission and the Utah Area Power Administration (UAMPS).

HL&P is a member of UAMPS and recieves up to six percent of the output of Hunter II, which amounts to almost four megawatts each hour. It is a reliable energy resource that provides power twenty-four hours a day to HL&P customers.

Hunter Power Plant

Intermountain Power Project
Intermountain Power Agency (IPA) is a political subdivision of the state of Utah organized in 1977 by 23 municipalities. IPA's Intermountain Power Project (IPP) includes a two-unit, coal-fired, steam-electric generating station with a net capacity of 1,800 megawatts. The generating station is located in Delta, Utah.

HL&P has an entitlement share of up to 11 megawatts which allows the company to take the energy, if it is ever needed.

Intermountain Power Project

Other Energy Resources
In 2015, thirty-three percent of HL&P's energy supply came from market purchases. Energy purchased from the power market is comprised of a mix of carbon-based resources and renewable energy resources. Coal, natural-gas, wind, hydro, and solar energy sources are all traded on the power market to fill system load requirements.

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