Jordanelle - Midway Transmission Project
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Distributed Generation
What is Distributed Generation?
Distributed generation (DG) is any kind of small-scale power generation that is positioned at the site of consumption. Photovoltaics (PV), small wind turbines, microturbines, fuel cells, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), and reciprocating engines are all examples of DG technologies.

Jordanelle Hydro Project

Jordanelle Hydro Plant

DG Applications
In some applications, DG is owned and operated by a utility for producing affordable peak power, or it may be used in a commerical or industrial setting for CHP. DG may also be placed in order to provide emergency back-up power. Small PV installations are becoming a popular DG option for Residential and General Service customers who wish to offset their energy consumption from their utility or simply reduce their carbon footprint.

Horse Butte Wind Project

Horse Butte Wind Project

DG Interconnection
HL&P's Residential and General Service customers have the option of installing their own generation source to produce power at their home or business.

Customers installing renewable energy sources with a capacity of 25 kW or less have the opportunity to become net metering customers.

General Service customers installing generation capacity larger than 25 kW have the opportunity to become Feed-in Tariff customers.

Solar Panel Array

Net Metering Solar Projects
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