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Energy Saving Tips

Heber Light & Power customers are always looking for ways to save energy and money.
We are here to help you do both!

Learn about the Energy Savings Program here:

Learn about Energy Star here:

1. Check your thermostat settings
2. Use energy efficient lighting
If you don't already have a programmable thermostat, then install one to start saving money. Program it to be comfortable in the summer and winter. Preset it to adjust for night and for when everyone is away.
Compact Flourescent Lighting (CFL) and Light-emitting Diode (LED) lights will save electricty and last much longer than inefficient incandescent bulbs.

3. Change how you do your laundry and run your dishwasher
4. Use power strips for electronic devices to stop Phantom Loads
Whenever possbile, wait until you have a full load of laundry or dishes to save on the number of loads that you have to do, and don't forget to clean out your dryer's lint trap after each use. Air drying laundry is a great way to save energy, too.
The electricity that your electronics keep using even when they are turned off is sometimes called "phantom load" or "standby power." Plugging your electronics into a power strip and then powering the entire strip off after turning off your devices will save electricity.

5. Turn computers and monitors off
6. Turn lights off
Turn your computers and computer monitors off when not in use, or better yet- turn them off and then power off your power strip!
Believe it or not, simply turning lights off when you leave the room is one of the best ways you can save energy in your home and at work. Using dimmer switches saves energy, too!

7. Use energy efficient ceiling fans
8. Improve your refrigerator's energy efficiency
Energy efficient ceiling fans can reduce your HVAC load by as much as 10 percent. Run it in a clockwise direction to push warm air down in the winter, and counter-clockwise to circulate cool air in the summer.
Your refrigerator uses more electricity than all of your other kitchen appliances combined. Clean the coils twice a year to improve efficiency by 30 to 50 percent. Fridges made before 2001 use 40 percent more energy than newer Energy Star models. Check out our rebates and consider investing in a newer model.

9. Service your air conditioner
10. Get a free energy audit
Make sure that your air conditioner is not sitting directly in the sun and that it has good air-flow around it. Keep it running efficiently by having it serviced once a year. If your air conditioner is more than 12 years old then check out our energy rebates and consider investing in an Energy Star model.
Contact Jared Wright at to schedule a free energy audit. Jared will help you create a plan to start saving electrcity in your home or business.
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