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Natural Gas

HL&P Natural Gas Power Plants
In 1987, HL&P purchased its first four natural gas generators as a means to provide reliable standby power during emergencies. Since that time, natural gas generation has become increasingly important to the company as it provides a cost effective power supply during periods of peak demand.

Today, HL&P owns and operates three power plants with 13 megawatts of natural gas generation located at the operations facility. Having the generation on-site allows employees to make the most economical hourly energy resource decisions, and saves the company transmission and scheduling costs.

Peak Shaving
A system peak can refer to the highest energy requirements that a system has in one day, in a month, season, or year. The HL&P energy portfolio must provide enough energy to meet the needs of its customers at the best price possible. This means that energy resources must be shaped to meet the system's various load requirements throughout the day.

Natural Gas generation provides an efficient and economical means of meeting the sytem load without having to buy expensive market power on peak and also prevents over-buying base load power.

HL&P Natural Gas Plant #2

HL&P Natural Gas Plant #3

The three HL&P Natural Gas Power Plants are operated beneath the limits of a strict minor polutant source permit regulated by the Department of Air Quality.

Gas Plant One
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