Jordanelle - Midway Transmission Project
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Upper Snake Creek Hydropower Plant
The Upper Snake Creek Hydropower Plant is powered by a hydroelectric turbine generator providing valuable renewable energy to HL&P customers.

Power generation at the Upper Plant commenced in 1949 and continues to operate much the same as it did when it was built. The output of the plant ranges from 750 kilowatts in the summer to 250 kilowatts in the winter.

Upper Snake Creek Hydro

Upper Snake Creek Buidling

Lower Snake Creek Hydropower Plant
The Lower Snake Creek Hydropower Plant is also powered by hydroelectric turbine generator providing valuable renewable energy to HL&P customers.

The Lower Plant, formerly operated by Rocky Mountain Power, was aquired by HL&P in 2010. Located two miles below the Upper Plant, the Lower Plant utilizes the same water flows as the Upper Plant to generate up to 1500 kilowatts of energy.

Lower Snake Creek Hydro

Lower Snake Creek Buidling

Lake Creek Hydropower Plant
The Lake Creek Hydroelectric Power Plant was built by HL&P employees in 1981 to fulfill the growing energy requirements of the Heber Valley. The plant has a peak generating capacity of 1500 kilowatts, and continues to efficiently provide clean renewable energy to HL&P's customers.

Lake Creek Hydro Project

Lake Creek Hydro Project

Jordanelle Hydropower Project
The Jordanelle Hydroelectric Power Plant (JDPP) is a 12 megawatt project made possible by a public and private partnership between the Department of Interior, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, and HL&P.

Operation of the plant began in 2008 with a lease agreement giving HL&P the rights to market and use the power generated by the two turbine generator units.

The JDPP is a green project providing power generation that is secondary to controlling water flows. The manner of operation qualifies the facility to be certified as a low impact hydro by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI).

Renewable Energy Credits (REC) for the energy generated by the Jordanelle Hydro were sold through the end of 2015. The sale of these credits allows another entity to claim the renewable attributes of this power. The RECs for the energy delivered to HL&P from the Jordanelle will be retained in 2016 and on.

Jordanelle Hydro Project

Jordanelle Hydro Project

Federal Hydro Power
The Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) includes renewable hydro power generated by the Glen Canyon Dam and the Flaming Gorge Dam. HL&P has a firm allocation of CRSP capacity and energy up to nine megawatts that is purchased pursuant to an Integrated Contract for Electric Service.

CRSP is owned by the United States of America and is operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) is responsible for the marketing and transmission of the renewable federal hydropower.

Colorado River Storage Project

Colorado River Storage Project
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