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Electrical Safety - Top 10 Tips

Safety is very important to Heber Power & Light and our employees.
Here are a few safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Figure 1 - Bluestakes Phone Number is 811

Always Call Bluestakes Before Digging!

Figure 2 - Example of a HL&P High Voltage Restricted Area

Always Obey the Danger Warning Signs!

1. Stay away from downed power lines.
2. Leave Tree Trimming to the professionals.
Always treat a downed power line as if it is energized. Call 911 and HL&P Dispatch at 435-654-2913 to report the situation and try to keep other people away from the line.
Every year, people are injured or even killed when they climb or prune trees near power lines. Tree limbs in-contact with power lines can act as conductors. A person can be seriously injured if contact is made.

3. Observe all electrical warning signs.
4. Don't run extension cords under rugs, carpets or furniture.
Teach children not to play near electric equipment or to enter areas marked "Danger," "High Voltage" or "Keep Out. Never enter a restricted area under any circumstances.
Worn out or defective cords can cause fires so be sure to have them visible so any damage to power cords can be easily seen.

5. Call Blue Stakes before digging.
6. Don't overload outlets and extension cords.
State law requires you to call Blue Stakes before you dig or excavate, the number in Utah is 811.
Overloading circuits can cause the wires to over heat and start fires.

7. Turn off all lights when not being used.
8. Protect appliances from voltage surges or power outages by plugging them into surge protectors.
Lights can over heat and cause fires in some cases, so it is a good idea to turn lights off if you are not going to be in the room. It also saves electricity!
Use surge protectors that bear the seal of a nationally recognized certification agency.

9. Make sure electrical appliances and tools are not placed where they might get wet.
10. Always use common sense, if you aren't sure about a situation call HL&P Dispatch at 435-645-2913
Water can damage electrical parts and cause them to short out or become grounded which poses a risk of overheating or even electrical shock. Water and electricity don't mix!
When it comes to electrical safety please use good judgement and common sense. If you don't know what it is or what it does please call Heber Light & Power and we will do our best to help you with your safety issues or concerns.
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