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FAQs- Net Metering with Solar

What is photovoltaic (PV) technology?
PV systems use a naturally occurring process in certain materials, called semiconductors, to free electrons which are induced to travel through an electrical circuit thereby producing electricity.

It sounds complicated, but to put it simply: photovoltaic is literally translated to mean light-electricity.

Net Metering Solar Projects

Commercial PV Array

What is Net Metering?
A Net Meter measures both the forward and backwards flow of electricity, and tracks the "net difference" between the energy a Customer consumes from the grid and delivers onto the grid. To learn how Net Metering works and how to qualify as a HL&P Net Metering Customer, please visit our Net Metering page.

What responsibilities does a Net Metering Customer have?
Net Metering customers are responsible for maintaining all of their generation and protection equipment, and for safely operating that equipment. Net Metering customers are also responsible for monitoring the production of their facility. HL&P meters will only meter the energy that passes through the meter onto the grid. Customers will want to monitor the energy production of their panels, and should ask their Solar Contactor what kind of monitoring system comes with their solar system.

Why Net Metering?
People decide to produce their own renewable energy for many reasons. It is important for each Customer to explore their own reasons and perform their own due diligence to determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.

For some, the greatest benefit of Net Metering is reducing negative environmental impact. Customers are encouraged to learn about the environmental benefits of solar, as well as HL&P's energy resources. HL&P is committed to maintaining a well-rounded energy portfolio that is strong in renewable energy. To learn about HL&P Renewable Energy Resources, read more here: Renewable Energy.
People also choose to Net Meter for financial reasons. Many Customers wish to take advantage of the State and Federal Tax Incentives that are currently available for solar investments. Others wish to reduce their utility bill. To determine if the investment in solar is worth it there are many factors to consider, such as: cost of electricity, current energy usage, financing mechanism, roof age, roof shade, and how long one plans to stay in their home.

How can you get started generating solar power at your home or business?
To learn more about becoming a Heber Light & Power Net Metering Customer please visit: How To Go Solar.

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