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How to Go Solar

If you are interested in becoming the owner-operator of your own Distributed Generation Facility and Net Metering with HL&P, then this page will help guide you through the process.

It is up to you to perform your own due diligence to determine which energy source is right for you and analyze the costs, liabilities, and benefits of Net Metering.

Net Metering Solar Projects

Commercial PV Array

Start Here:
The steps outlined below will help you get from thinking about generating your own renewable energy to actually generating power at your home or business. Typically, customers choose to generate Solar Energy. This page refers to Solar Generation Facilities, but the process applies to Wind and Small Hydro Facilities, as well.

Step 1. Energy Efficiency
Before investing in a PV System, it is important to first increase the energy efficiency of your home or business. It is always less expensive to save energy than it is to produce energy. Reducing your energy consumption could also reduce the amount of solar that you will need to invest in.

Email Jared Wright at to schedule a free energy audit.

Step 2. Educate Yourself
Take the time to educate yourself as much as you can on all things solar, and learn about other renewable generation options like hydropower and wind. Explore the benefits, the costs, and the responsibilities of owning a generation facility and becoming a HL&P Net Metering Customer.

There are many excellent resources available to help you become an educated solar consumer. For some great solar resources including consumer tips, calculators, financing options, incentives, and more please visit:

Step 3. Complete Customer Net Metering Orientation
Customer orientation will give you a chance to learn about the Company's Net Metering Policy and Fees, review your eligibility for the Net Metering Program, understand your home or business usage, and learn about the process for connecting to the HL&P system.

The orientation process can also help you determine the appropriate system size for your home or business. Heber Light & Power can only allow Distributed Generation that fits within each of the Distribution System's Circuit Limitations.

To set up a time for Net Metering Orientation please contact Jared Wright at

Step 4. Interview Contractors
Interview multiple contractors. Be sure to ask about warranties, training, licenses, certifications, years of experience, recommended insurance coverage, maintenance responsibilities, ownership, and financing options.

Make sure that they have completed contractor training with HL&P. The installer must also have, at a minimum, a S201 Residential Electrical Contractor License and a S202 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor License.

Provide the contractor with the actual usage information from your home to use in their model and make sure they are using HL&P rates to calculate your payback.

Ask the contractors how you will monitor the production of your panels, and if they offer a performance guarantee.

Step 5. Choose a Contractor, Finance, and Begin the Application Process
When you are ready, choose a contractor and begin the process of designing your system and determining if finance or lease options are right for you.

Your contractor should help you gather everything that you need to submit applications to HL&P and then to your city or county. It will save you time and money if everything is submitted properly the first time.

Step 6. Submit Your Net Metering Application
Submit a completed and signed Net Metering Application and required drawings to Jared Wright

If you completed all of the steps listed above, then your Net Metering Customer Orientation will already be complete. If you skipped this step, then you must complete this requirement before your application can be approved by HL&P.

Allow a week for your Net Metering Application to be approved. Once you receive an email with an approval letter, then you are free to apply with the appropriate governing body. Please attach the HL&P approval letter to that application to expedite the process.

Step 7. PV Array Installation
Your contractor will install your PV System, and make sure that everything complies with electrical code. When installation is complete you can schedule your inspection with your city or county.

Step 8. Inspection and Meter Installation
Once your panels are installed and they pass your city or county inspection, HL&P should receive notification from the city or county. Once that notification is received, a HL&P employee will program your net meter and install your second meter. You are now ready to begin generating your own renewable energy.
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